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Please have a look below at our System Requirements, our selection of most common Issues & Solutions and if none that helps, please do not hesitate to Contact us Directly.

System Requirements

TimePriceAnalysis™ is optimized for use of any browser and any device as long as it meets standard html5 criteria. Your browser will support html5 as long as its version is up to date. However, if your device is older than 7 years, installing such version might be impossible.
Live Trade Room
  • If using a MAC use Chrome, FireFox or Safari
  • If using an iPhone or iPad use Safari
  • If using an android device use FireFox
  • If using a PC use Chrome or FireFox
  • If using Edge, use latest version
  • IE will not work properly - not recommended

Most Common Issues

Click to select one of the most common issues you might be having.
  • Trade Room Login
    Sometimes you might experience issues when trying to enter the Trade Room. You will constantly see a message stating 'Please enter your email address'. The most common reason is your cookie session is out of date and to be reinstated. This usually happens after the browser version has been updated. To find out, how to clear your cookies on your device, please see the following tutorial.

    Another reason for Trade Room login failure might be a popup blocker. Try to switch it off and then refresh the page.
  • Trade Room Video
    In case your video or audio is not playing, please check our recommended system configuration section on this very page. Particularly, if you see a message 'WebRTC is not supported', it means your browser is too old to support live data streaming.
  • Not Receiving Emails
    If you are not receiving emails, please check our on site mailbox first. If the email is there, it is time to check your spam filter and/or any email policies which might apply to your place. Big companies often have their own implemented policies to prevented their employees from getting an unwanted spam. However, if the emails are not there at all, please contact us directly, as it seems something went wrong and your account has to be likely updated.
  • Incorrect Charge
    If you believe you were charged an incorrect amount or a discount has not been applied properly, please let us know immediately us and will get it sorted as soon as possible.

    Please note, refunding a charge can take between 5 to 10 working days based on your country laws, so you better do it rather sooner than later.
  • Subscription Failure
    In case you tried to subscribe and it the charge did not went through, please contact your bank and ask them to whitelist Stripe transaction on behalf of TimePriceAnalysis. This issue is fairly common within US regions where anti-fraud policies are getting applied.
  • Site Display
    The site should display equally well on all devices and all browsers as long as you meet our minimum criteria. For more information please check the 'System Requirements' on this very page.

    However, as site gets updated, sometimes pre-cached files might cause small display issues. This is only applicable to Windows users as Sfari browser has different caching mechanism. In order to refresh cached files on a Windows machine, please hold CTRL+F5. If this step did not help, please contact us, so we can fix it and keep the site hassle free.

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