Our Detailed Market Movement Prediction Charts are produced using a combination of powerful predictive tools. We combine Elliott Wave, Fibonacci Levels, Hurst Cycles, and Multiple Time Frame Technical Indicators in order to provide you with a detailed and accurate analysis of likely market movements.
Because we use this powerful multi-disciplined approach we are able to forecast probable future market price levels at specific times, thus identifying high probability, low risk trade entries and exits for many different instruments.
Each morning in our Forum you will find updated charts for each instrument we follow. These include the current Day Trade Chart, Hourly Charts, and other time frames. This allows you to quickly see the outline of the day ahead in an easy to use manner and save the charts to refer to throughout the day.
From our Dashboard you will find even more charts showing the Long Term Road Maps, Buy Zones, Monthly, Weekly, and Daily Charts as well as 4 Hour, 60 Minute, and 15 Minute Charts. Plus further notes from our analysts on the trends they are charting.
We discuss the charts in our Intra-Day, Daily, and Weekly Video Updates so you will fully understand the data you are receiving and these charts are our guides in the Live Trading Room. If you have questions or comments about our charts you can engage in discussions in our Forum or the Live Trading Room with our experts or other Members.
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