Each day we post video updates on the direction of the market where we explain the data from our charts and analysis on the direction of the market. These twice daily videos are recorded before the opening of the market and intra-day to ensure you have all the information you need to follow our charts and understand the trends.
The Pre-Open Video (available before the market opens to members and after the market opens to non-members) is an excellent way to start your day and the Intra-Day Video (members only) is extremely valuable if you had to step out of the Live Trading Room for a time or if you have a busy day and aren't able to follow us live.
In addition to the Daily Videos we provide you with a Weekly Video (members only) that offers a deep dive into the upcoming week and all of our charts for the instruments we follow.
If you have questions or comments regarding the videos you can post them in the Forum or ask or analysts while in the Live Trading Room. Our videos are geared toward giving you a better understanding of the direction of the Market and the tools you need to trade profitably.
Watch some of our free videos and see how our detailed analysis will guide your trading with the information you need.
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