Bitcoin Elliott Wave & Fibonacci Charts & Video 30th Nov. 2018

Posted by Mike Richards on 30/11/2018 0 Comments

Bit Coin Charts & Morning Update & Video

Bit coin has now completed a full five wave move down off the Sub Minuette Degree b Wave high seen on 4th September. The move down should be the Micro Degree Wave 1 of the Sub Minuette Degree wave C and the subsequent upside reversal is the Micro Degree Wave 2.

Bitcoin has turned up strongly off the low seen last week to stick save ihe Sub Micro Degree Wave (c) of the Micro Degree Wave 2 and has since hit the target zone shown in the 60 & 240 Minute Chart and reversed lower thus likely completing this Micro Degree Wave 2 Looking for Bit Coin to conform this now by taking out 6170 then 6134 next...

Bit Coin finally broke down through the quoted levels and accelerated lower thus confirming that we are now in the Micro Degree Wave 3 of Sub Minuette Degree Wave iii down towards the long term target zone

Over the weekend we have seen Bit Coin come down further and hit the 1.00 extension which has been the top level within our expected target zone for the completion of all of this Minor Degree wave 4. Bit Coin has bounced up off the lows seen yesterday and thus far we have an A B C structure to the upside where the c wave is equal in length to the A Wave followed by a deep retrace of that move which held the 88.7% fib. Either the move up was the Wave 1 in an unfolding leadin g diagonal to the upside ~OR we are goping to see further lows in the Minor Degree wave 4. Next levels below are at 3142 then 2663-2473. 

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